Trail Camera

What did we ever do without trail cameras? Even if all you wanted to do was get pictures of the local wildlife, it would have been hard to get this close very often or without spending a lot of time waiting. Now with trail cameras fairly affordable, you can set up as many as you can buy all over your property to see what’s making all those tracks.

Many have time and date stamps too, so you can see when they’re coming in and with the infrared mode you get night time pictures as well. Just be prepared for lots of shots when it’s windy or the squirrels like your spot. It’s a good thing the pictures and/or video are all on disk so you can delete those 500 shots of grass or trees moving.

Crush with Lee and Tiffany have taken it one step further with their live deer cam¬†where you can watch anytime of day or night who’s eating at the deer feeder. Maybe you don’t want to stream live from your cameras and you can’t feed the animals in all states, but with technology today you can remotely monitor your cameras from just about anywhere.

Nothing is quite as exciting as the real thing, but being able to watch your trail camera anytime, could be the next best thing.

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