Interesting conversations?

Have you ever sat around the table talking about hunting or fishing,  when slowly but surely that conversation turns into a b.s. session?  Well, sometimes you have one in the crowd that is a sandwich short of a picnic, we all have a friend like that I’m sure… case in point.

During one of these “interesting conversations”.  I declared that this has been an “ENLIGHTENING”  conversation,  which in turn got the response from said individual…  “I didn’t hear any thunder”  as the person went to look out the window on a bright sunny day.

Case in point……  the same person can’t stand BEEF  of any kind.. but LOVES ……. wait for it….   Porcupine Meatballs.    uhhh ok,  guess we have to find some porcupines, apparently ground beef … nevermind.

Ok fine, same person came up with another interesting point.   Another friend was out hunting , and you and I have I am sure got whapped in the eyeball with brush as you were out in the woods.  Eye tears up, burns like the dickens…….  Well, our master of minds after being told that the other friend got smacked in the eye with brush… now declared that this friend is no longer ever allowed to brush his hair by himself ever again…. hard to explain this one, but after several, honestly, several days at different points that he wasn’t hurt by “brushing” his hair, rather, got hit in the eyeball with undergrowth referred to as BRUSH in the woods….  I dunno, had to be there for this one, it’s still on going to this day,  apparently can’t figure out the hair brush vs any other brush types.

Ok 3 idioms for the day 😛