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Interesting conversations?

Have you ever sat around the table talking about hunting or fishing,  when slowly but surely that conversation turns into a b.s. session?  Well, sometimes you have one in the crowd that is a sandwich short of a picnic, we all have a friend like that I’m sure… case in point. During one of these “interesting conversations”.  I declared that this has been an “ENLIGHTENING”  conversation,  which in turn got…

Whitetail Deer

Trail Camera

What did we ever do without trail cameras? Even if all you wanted to do was get pictures of the local wildlife, it would have been hard to get this close very often or without spending a lot of time waiting. Now with trail cameras fairly affordable, you can set up as many as you can buy all over your property to see what’s making all those tracks.

Wild Turkeys

Wild Turkeys Online

Sometimes you just have to be indoors, so why not use the internet for more stuff about turkeys and hunting? Wisconsin Outdoor News has articles by a variety of authors about turkey hunting and really a bunch of outdoor activities that will help you pass the time. You can also watch episodes of the public television show Outdoor Wisconsin on YouTube.

Wild Turkey

Wild Turkey Season 2014

Wild Turkey season is coming April 16, 2014 to Wisconsin. For those of you who didn’t apply for wild turkey license, see the leftover permit availability in Wisconsin. It’s really quite amazing how well the wild turkeys have made a come back since re-introducing them in 1976 to becoming a game bird in the 1983. Now you can find them all over the state and not just in the remote areas…